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Customer Liaison Policy

As one of the most experienced Companies in our field, we have learned the value of regular contact with our customers. We provide personal attention to your needs through our Management Structure which allows for all decisions affecting your contact to be made at local level.

Clients therefore benefit from our considerable strength and experience whilst enjoying a level of personal service which is second to none.

Detailed work schedules are compiled and printed for our operatives showing the areas to be cleaned and frequency of specific tasks. Our work schedules include details of  all relevant Health & Safety procedures and raining Schedules .

At weekly intervals on site, a Supervisor carries out checks  and submits a report for your inspection. A the report is left with you and a copy sent to our office and reviewed by the Directors of the Company. The Site Inspection Reports are also monitored by our area management team ensuring that we are always "up to speed" when we meet with you at the regular client liaison meetings.

Quality Policy

It is the policy of Scotia Clean Teck Ltd to deliver defect free services to our customers on time and at competitive prices.

We endeavor to meet or exceed all customer expectations in partnership with equally committed suppliers.

Quality means conforming to both external and internal customer requirements.

It is also our policy to provide an environment that encourages personal respect, mutual trust and involvement with all employees, customers, suppliers and community.

The nature of Quality Assurance makes it impossible for this policy to be fully comprehensive. Scotia Clean Teck LTD publish in the knowledge that, in the long run, the quality of its services depends on the everyday actions of those in its employment.

The total quality management systems of Scotia Clean Teck LTD is based on the requirements of BS5750: Part 2 1987/ISO9002.

Health and Safety

Health, safety and welfare matters are the responsibility of all staff and are taken as extremely important. Our aim is to continuously maintain an attitude of individual and collective awareness with regard to these responsibilities.

All staff are aware of the regulations in relation to the "Health and Safety At Work Act 1974". Copies of the company statement as required by the Act of Parliament, will be sited in a prominent place with all our contracts , along with product data sheets.

All equipment is repaired and maintained  by a qualified technicians, expediently and efficiently.

Protective clothing is available and will be issued on request. In contracts where this may not be a pre-requisite, the clothing will be stored in a convenient place on site and will be issued as required by the supervisor.